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Wes Adeyinka-Skold is a Philadelphia-based music producer with a strong ear and a knack for identifying the mainstream. He grew up in Maine, where in high school he wrote and produced the Hip Hop EP My Low Rider. In 2009 he came to Philadelphia to study music theory and Latin American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. This included a semester abroad in Salvador, Brazil, where he learned Brazilian Music Composition and Afro-Brazilian percussion. In college he directed the New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir, and continued as a music director at a local church after graduation. He now works with artists in Philadelphia and remotely to ensure that their vision and message is effectively and professionally captured in every song.

As a writer/producer, Wes’ claim to fame is his collaboration with David P Stevens on Smooth Jazz song “For The Win”, which spent sixteen weeks on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Top 30 chart, peaking at number 7. His strengths as a producer include: hearing the potential in a song, and knowing how to bring it to the front; recreating the vibe of any source track or tracks; programing thick synth bass lines; and finding the right groove for any given song.

As a listener, Wes enjoys all sorts of genres including mid-late 90’s/early 2000’s Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Bebop, Latin Jazz, Latin Pop, Afro Pop, House, and more. He believes that there are great songs in every genre, and is eager to help your song become one of the greats of its genre as well.




Big Wes el Intérprete

Tu Caballero (ft. Jodia y Emporio)


Sheet Music

David P Stevens

For The Win

Peri Jon



Army of One


My Low Rider

Why A Producer?

You’ve got lyrics, chords, a melody, or even a fully recorded demo. It is the product of hours of TLC, creative juices, and passion. You believe in the song, and you want to ensure that everyone else can love it as much as you do. In walks the producer.

The producer has a knack for seeing the potential in your song, and bringing it to the fore, and making sure it’s fully polished.

-Seeing the potential: a producer relies on his/her ears to zero in on the aspects of your song/lyrics/tune that most effectively carry the mood and message of your song. She/he will be able to break down all the aspects of what you’ve created and find which is the strongest. For example: do the vocals carry the majority of the emotion in this song? Is the rhythmic pulse exceptionally captivating? Does that one guitar lick just make you move?

-Bringing it to the fore: You’ve got a lot of sauce in your song, but your average listener can’t hear it because something else is in the way. So just like a life coach helps you organize your priorities, the producer will bring certain elements forward, push others back, remove some parts altogether, and perhaps add something new as well. To use the examples from before: the vocals carry great emotion, but there are too many other instruments crowding them out. The rhythmic pulse is captivating, so we need to make sure all the other instruments are locking in with that pulse. That one guitar lick is fire, so lets make the bass less distracting at that point.

-Fully polished: Once everything is set in place, the producer helps you ensure that your song sounds radio-ready, or put another way, clean and perfected. Any chef knows how vital this last step is; you can cook the most delicious meal, but if you don’t present it in an appetizing fashion, you’re taking away the customer’s ability to enjoy what you’ve made. You want to set your listeners up to be able to enjoy that great song that you’ve spent so long perfecting. For example, getting that vocal, rhythmic pulse, and guitar lick recorded on proper equipment and finding the right people to mix and master.



You may have just a melody, or perhaps a full demo of your song. I’ll work with you to bring the song from an outline to a bangin single, ready to be mastered and sent to radio. I work in Logic Pro X to develop your track to where it needs to be. Then I’ll accompany you to the studio if you need to record vocals or any other instruments. By the end of the process, I’ll make sure you have a track that fully expresses the vibe and vision that you have for the song.

Just the Track

You’re a vocal artist, and you’re looking for a producer to build a sound around your voice. I take time to get to know your voice, and then surround it with accompaniment that highlights your specific vibe, timbre, mood, and color of your artistry. Once I get you the track, you’ll be ready to lay down your vocals and perform live.


I’ll take an in-depth listen to your song and then have a half-hour video chat with you to talk pros, cons, and suggestions for next steps. If you end up wanting to work together after consultation, what you’ve already paid will factor into the all-inclusive song price.


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